Strawberry Peak - 01/21/2021

Strawberry Peak Trail via Redbox Canyon

My friend Taylor first introduced me to this trail, as our first of many Thursday hikes. It is a 7.2mile out and back trail with an elevation gain of 2,024ft. The hike took us 4.5hrs, but if you aren’t a photographer or looking to post up and take in the view for awhile I would plan on around 3.5-4hrs. If you are in or around Highland Park it is about a 40min drive to the trailhead. The trailhead is located across the highway from the parking lot. The hike starts out as a gradual incline on a very well maintained trail until you get close to the top. Then it becomes a bit of a scramble. I would highly recommend getting AllTrails pro or a trail app similar to download the trail so that you can follow even without wifi.  My friend and I took a wrong turn and luckily checked the map before getting too far and turned around. 

This is a gorgeous hike and would recommend it to anyone looking to get out of the city and see some breathtaking views while getting a major glute workout. I would go for sunrise or sunset to get that golden hour glow. As well as avoiding the afternoon crowd. Make sure if you do that you have a headlamp at the ready, Petzl is a fantastic brand and has multiple options for a wide range of activities and sports. I have the Petzl Tikka headlamp. It has 300 lumens and is a classic recreational headlamp for $30 retail. It has saved me time and time again and is an essential piece of any avid hikers equipment. 

If you are going on a weekend I highly suggested going at the times suggested above, because it is a narrow path and at times hard to get off enough to comfortably let others by you. This is a popular and well traveled trail, weekdays are preferred if you can move your schedule around to make it happen. Definitely pack good and hardy snacks, I would suggest a Want.some nut butter treats hiking bar @want.some.treats ( made by yours truly ). They are packed with all the good stuff and are gluten free, vegan and no peanuts. I always bring one with me on every hike, it is all I need, other than maybe an apple for a treat on the way back down the mountain. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this trail leave a comment below. 

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